Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ways & Means

I couldn't tell you specifically why I delayed my departure from Flagstaff for almost two weeks. Perhaps it was a culmination of our van having an ongoing issue, my allergies keeping my off the trails for weeks, or remnants of my feet dragging as I held on to the pieces of the past. However, I am relieved to write: we have finally left on our trip for the summer. Sol and I now find ourselves exploring new trails in Boulder.

I found it extremely difficult to motivate myself to train the month after I found out I wouldn’t be able to run in Patagonia. Working so hard to peak a training plan and focusing all my energy on preparing for what Ultra Fiord was going to dish my way come race day, ultimately left me deflated and grasping for a withering stoke that began to rapidly deplete after the airlines would not correct my return flight. So, I decided to give myself a reset. I halted training completely for the month of May and decided that I would simply run when I felt like it, for the amount of time that felt right. No training plans, no tempos, no obligations – just going with the flow. Turns out my flow took me to basically not running at all and also not climbing much, as I was still nursing a finger injury from a month prior. I definitely lost fitness in both my climbing and running, but I believe the mental break was much needed after the disappointment.

Sol and I now find ourselves in Boulder, Colorado. We’ve already enjoyed some great runs in our first couple of days in town and I am slowly rekindling the fire to train harder (enjoying it at the same time). Racing ultras is a beautiful thing, but I never want to be consumed by it. For me, sometimes over emphasizing a training goal or a goal race takes my consciousness off the simple beauty and love of running in the mountains. After all, running is much more than medals and finish times.

The beauty of the post Aussie workout. Sun's out, tongues out on Mt. Sanitas.

Remembering that love is defined by what we put into it, the value, the care and the awareness. Once I reconnected my focus back to the love of being out in the mountains with one of my best friends every day, I was able to reconnect with my desire to push myself in that enjoyment. Not in a way that my desire to achieve outweighed my desire to love, but that my love for running propelled my desire to begin pushing my limits once again. Each and everyday that I am allowed to delve into the beauty of this earth with my two feet I find myself in humble appreciation. Knowing that it is a mere blessing to have the health and resources to do the things I love everyday.

What lies beneath is far different than what lies outside. 

Sol and I hope to make our way to Western States at the end of June then back down to Boulder after, before we head out to Hard Rock mid-July. We’re already digging this town and the beauty that surrounds it. Super excited to explore more in the coming weeks, see familiar faces, and meet many new ones as well. More to come soon…Por el Amor de la Vida.

The Sunshine Girl

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