Saturday, June 2, 2012

Packing for Chile!

Preparing for Chile! Currently, I am working on packing (which admittedly I am finding extremely difficult) for my move to Chile, where I will be volunteering to teach English with the English Opens Doors program. Excited would be a vast understatement, as I cannot wait to run, climb, backpack, write and explore the entirety of this beautiful country. I will be teaching somewhere in the Los Lagos Region, home to the massive Osorno and Villarica volcanoes...which hopefully (fingers crossed) are both runnable, with a pair of micro-spikes and a hint of "ganas".  

Volcán Villarrica (9,341ft)
Volcán Osorno (8,701ft)


  1. Best of luck on this new adventure What a risk taker! This new chapter in your life will be memorable, maybe a book?

  2. Many thanks Josephine! I am currently working on a little something of a book...hoping to be able to put sometime into it while out in Chile!

  3. Nick,

    This is great! I am guessing you found my blog because of that? Although, I haven't really mentioned anything EOD on it yet. Anyway, I have applied for the July round, which seems to be waitlisting. I have already sent all my application documents. I plan to fly down either way in August so, I am sure we'll meet.
    If you aren't excited yet, then I urge you to watch the following movies: 180 South and The Art of Flight (by Team Red Bull). Hope to climb some mountains with ya and thanks for checking out Fishing Buddha.


  4. Packing fir this trip is brutal!!! Once you're done with it youl be a step closer to getting here.
    Best of luck!

  5. Tell me about it Jen! Went for a run yesterday (felt pretty decent). Looks like I'll be easing back into the base miles within the next month or so!