Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good luck SD 100 runners!

Wanted to wish all my amigos and amigas running the SD 100 this weekend a huge good luck! I was scheduled to pace 30 miles of the race, but due to my recent stint with mono I'm still working on recovering. This time off has provided for an interesting perspective and as a result has forced me to focus on the importance of recovery, rest, and adequate sleep before a big run.

Below is a video compilation of the Solomon running team's 2011 season, awesome work by Seb Montaz! Check out Seb Montaz's videography and photography, he is the film maker working with Kilian on his Summits of Life piece. Chile in 7 days! Vamos!


  1. Congratulations on the blog and the Ultras you're amazing, I wish you good recovery. Have turned follower of your blog and you can always return here to check the news and if you can follow mine too. The video with Kilian Journet and you show the ball is, congratulations!

    Good training,

    Jorge Cerqueira

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